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A K Dolven

between the mornings

A K Dolven’s project proposal between the mornings is an island, a floor, an interior-outside made of black stone floorboards. The work will be visible from great distances, but it is also a work offering intimate experiences. A tall, thin and shiny line in the cityscape marks this site-specific artwork like a needle on a map. The slender steel construction reflects the surroundings depending on the weather; it gleams with reflected light or disappears into the sky altogether. Up close, it appears that the needle is a clock, and its deep thud is heard and felt like a pulse every second. Time is made visible through narrow windows in the structure’s lower body, through which a one-meter long pendulum can be seen – the swing of a one-meter pendulum is always one second.

A few meters away rests a marble bed with a striped surface, made of Fauske marble. Further along the floor and facing the sea sits another much larger bed. The surface of this bed resembles an early morning or late evening sky.

Along with time, sound and the physical structures Dolven has incorporated, the island visitors and their actions also become part of the work. You might rest on the beds or lean up against the wall made of the same black stone to watch the sunset. On a dark evening, you can read in the light of the tall lamps above the marble beds, or turn them off to see the night sky. The light from the clock guides you across the open island floor to the exit. The floor feels safe and warm.

A K Dolven (1953) lives and works in Oslo and Lofoten, Norway. Dolven’s practice spans a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculpture, photography, performance, installation, film and sound. Her work alternates between the monumental and the minimal, the universal and the intimate, resonating with concepts and structures beyond the confines of any particular piece. Interpersonal relations and interactions are central to her practice. Dolven has exhibited extensively internationally at a wide range of institutions and galleries.

between the mornings is a site-specific sculpture - the island, the people and the flow of time is the sculpture. The floor is made from black stone, beds in Fauske marble, needle and clock in mirror-polished stainless steel, in addition to sound and lighting. The pendulum is made of dark wood. The island has the same length, and the clock has the same height as the new Munch Museum.

Team A K Dolven - Element Arkitekter, DIFK, Koka Nikoladze, Sensorteknikk